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Matt and Larisa 

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1 journey

We will leave from our home in Barcelona with our panniers and will cross Spain. Reaching Morocco, after Andalucia. That is how we will warm up. 

After Morocco we will follow the coast going down through Occidental Sahara, Mauritania, and Senegal. After a plane jump we'll land in Ethiopia and head all the way down through Kenya, Tanzania,  etc., until we get to Cape Town, in South Africa. 

Asia will be next.  The mountains and valleys of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, going through China to reach India. Getting crazy hiking/cycling Nepal and get the warm weather in Southeast Asia. 

Going through Myanmar, discovering Laos, eating in the streets of Vietnam, enjoying the beaches of Thailand and finally saying good bye to the continent in Cambodia. 

We have no idea if the trip will end in Malasyia, Indonesia...maybe at that point we will be ready to continue crossing US and get to Matt's home, in Niantic, CT. 

Around the world from home to home :)

2 bikes

Matt is the expert with maps and the leader of the expedition. Larisa is the second bike. A brave rookie, who never says "NO" to a challenge. 

Matt loves traveling by bike and has a lot of experience. At some point, when we were talking about traveling the world by buses and trains, he suggested to do it by bike. Larisa who cannot  say no to a challenge, accepted. That is how  the crazy adventure started. 

Our first trip together by bike was summer 2016. The destination was Georgia and Armenia. The experiment was excellent. Just what we needed to say a big YES to the long trip.

It will be 2 years, or maybe more travelling around the world. We left on September 20th, 2017. Without a return date. 

All the feelings live together in us right now. Excitement, fears, eager to know as mush as we can, uncertainty... 

The experience of your life is at your fingertips.