Matt Pray

Traveler, teacher, learner

My entire body, cell by cell, has been replaced and recycled of atoms over and over again.  Yet, I remain.


I’m still on self-discovery and coming fully to terms excepting, understanding, and knowing that we are all one.  We are the universe. And we can do anything.

Now I have a partner.  The fact that I am so sure about this plan with Larisa, considering my past, only makes me smile.  Change is natural.  There is no struggle, therefore I know it is right.

Larisa is new to the bike, but she knows she can do whatever she sets out to do.  We both love to swim in rivers, wild camp, cook our own food, sleep under the stars and enjoy the incredible beauty... this is life on a bike.

I do not wish for my profession nor place of birth to be a definer of who I am, but both have shaped and influenced who I am today.  I taught middle school science for nine years in three countries and before venturing abroad I lived 26 years in southeastern, Connecticut in the U.S.A.

I’d like to ride my bike around the world with Larisa and that’s what we intend to do.

Larisa Shamirian​​​​

Aventurer engineer

I am 32 years old. And I have tons of dreams. One of them is to travel around the world. 

Two years ago I explained my idea to Matt. I wanted to see the world for a year as a backpacker. 

He liked the idea, and we started to save immediately. Months started to pass over, and in February 2016 Matt asked me if I would like to do the trip by bike. Also to make it longer because the bike is slower, so travel for 2 years. 

I freaked out! I had no idea about bike touring, no idea about bikes, no idea how to ride a bike. Fortunately I always wanted to be more active, I believe in a sound mind in a sound body. That was my opportunity. 

I bought my touring bike in May 2016, start training and in the summer 2016 we tried our first experience as bike tourers together in Georgia and Armenia. 

It was a very nice experience. We met local people, we have been invited to dinners, breakfast… and most important I liked the adventure on the road. 

I just have one life, and this is going to be the travel of my life, but just my first adventure. 

In order to discover...

  • Travel around the world is possible and affordable  
  • The inspiration to step out of your comfort zone
  • The good and bad of a nomad life 
  • Learn how to live the Present 


  • If you want to travel, do it 
  • If you want another life, look for it 
  • Travelling could be the perfect way to find Your Way
  • A trip lasts for ever